The mystic 8 ball or eight ball give you answers ! Ask to the magic ball questions and get all answers on your questions. It's cool and fun to use the magic ball 8. Also called the Yes or no ball, our website allow you to consult the Magic 8 ball. Thousands people use it every day, the 8 magic ball is simple : just ask a question and click on the button. The 8 ball magic allows is a famous prediction game !The magic ball eight has been created in the 50's and was produced by mattel. Eight Ball is a toy and is just a game. Online magic 8 ball answers your yes no questions. Just test it, it's fun.

online magic 8 ball It is certain.

magic eight ball maintains Yes.

mystic eight ball said Concentrate and ask again.

magic 8 ball responses My reply is no.

magicball affirms My sources say no.

8 ball magic said Yes definitely.

online magic 8 ball Very doubtful.

mystic eight ball said Reply hazy, try again.

mystic eight ball said Without a doubt.

magic ball answers You may rely on it.

magic 8 ball says My sources say no.

magic 8 ball responses Without a doubt.

online magic 8 ball Outlook good.

magic 8 ball answers Yes definitely.

magicball affirms Signs point to yes.

8 ball magic said Concentrate and ask again.

magic 8 ball says Concentrate and ask again.

magic 8 ball responses Without a doubt.

magic eight ball maintains Very doubtful.

magic 8 ball answers Don't count on it.

online magic 8 ball Reply hazy, try again.

magicball affirms Most likely.

8 ball magic said Very doubtful.

online magic 8 ball It is certain.

magicball affirms Outlook not so good.

magicball affirms My reply is no.

magic eight ball maintains Very doubtful.

magic 8 ball responses Yes definitely.

magic 8 ball responses Yes.

magic 8 ball responses Don't count on it.

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Are you looking for a magic ball in French to answer all your questions? Then you've come to the right place! But before asking your questions to our magic 8 ball, why don't you ask about its origins and its role? It's up to you to believe or not in the predictions of the ball yes or no, but you have to admit that some of its answers are icy with truth... What is the magic ball? If you've never dealt with a prediction ball before, it may be useful to remember what this unusual procedure consists of. The magic eight ball, also known as "magic eight ball", is a fun prediction process that answers your questions. Ask your magic eight ball any question and it will answer you more or less clearly. At the crossroads between gambling, prediction ball or decision aid, the magic 8 ball is there to help you, when it alone can answer a burning question you are asking yourself. The origins of the magic 8 ball The prediction ball is an object clearly anchored in popular culture. It is a magic ball that answers the questions that will leave a lasting impression on people's minds! But where does the concept of "prediction ball" really come from? And why did you choose an 8 ball to represent it? You will see that the creation of this truth ball is not as mystical as it seems... Where does the magic 8 ball come from? What if we revealed to you that the ball that says yes or no is nothing more than a toy? Yes, this famous magic 8 ball that everyone knows was born as a toy produced by Mattel in 1946! This magic 8 ball toy contained a 20-sided dice, each side revealing a specific answer. The principle of the magic billiard ball was then simple: Ask your ball a question. Shake the ball to make the dice spin. Examine the answer that chance has chosen for you. Mattel's toy had 5 negative answers ("Unlikely", "Don't count on it!", etc.), 8 positive answers ("For sure", "Absolutely yes", etc.) and 7 vague answers ("Try again", "Ask your question again", etc.). This was often referred to as the "yes or no ball" because the questions to be asked had to be answered in the affirmative or negative for the prediction ball's answer to make sense. Our little extra: thanks to our magic ball in French and online, the ball can now offer you well over 20 answers, and thus shed even more light on your most secret questions! Why an 8 ball? We now know that the magic 8 ball is a toy, but it remains to be determined why we chose to materialize this truth ball in the form of an 8 ball? While it is obvious that the shape of the ball makes this magic 8 ball toy more playful and easy to handle, did you know that the choice of this particular black billiard ball was not insignificant? In popular belief, the 8-ball billiard ball is a sign of luck or chance. It can also be considered a symbol of life or death. And this for several reasons: The 8-ball is the main protagonist of the "8-Ball Game", a billiard game that consists of dropping all the balls... except the 8-ball! This black billiard ball must be the last ball to be cleared from the table. It can therefore represent the winner's luck. As the eight ball is the last to fall, it can also be considered as a symbol of life (the last to stay alive). The number 8, present on this black ball, is also rich in meaning. In particular, it can represent infinity or the cycle of life (in the form of a double loop), just as it can represent wealth and prosperity, especially in Chinese culture. If you are the superstitious type, it seems obvious that our magic 8 ball can only bring you luck! Other inspirations of the prediction ball To conclude on the origins of the ball yes or no, it is difficult to miss its more occult inspiration. It seems obvious that the magic eight ball is directly inspired by the famous crystal ball, it allows you to question the future and receive the answers to all your questions. But while a crystal ball requires the gift of clairvoyance, the magic eight ball offers answers that are legible (though sometimes evasive) to the common man. Faced with so many inspirations, it is easy to understand why this prediction ball exerts a real fascination in popular culture... What can I ask the magic ball? Originally, the magic ball toy only answered questions that could be answered with a yes or no.